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Women’s Lycra pants and shrugs

Lycra pants are the most popular choice for fashion-enthusiastic women. Sikra is a popular brand that makes super comfy and stylish lycra pants.

It is a prevalent belief that Indian ladies appear at their finest when wearing traditional attire.

Women’s ethnic clothing has a unique attraction and unparalleled sensuality, making them look stunning and beautiful. Every region in India has its distinctive ethnic clothing for women.

The Western area celebrates full outfit needlework of various types of ladies’ ethnic wear together with the range of block prints. Where,as the northern region showcases ethnic wear in kaftan styles or Pherans with gorgeous embroidery around the neckline.

Anarkali is a popular dress in central India because of its bulky pleated body. It is frequently decorated with embroidery and worn with churidars or the wide-hemmed pants known as shararas.

LYCRA is the most well-known brand of spandex fabric in the world today, with its reputation for quality and longevity. People favor it because of its extraordinary flexibility, holdable shape, and cozy fit it provides to all kinds of clothing.

Nowadays, men and women desire to wear comfortable apparel due to their hectic schedules and the current weather conditions. They desire greater comfort and relaxation during their working day.

Here is a detailed list of the different styles of pants made by the company Sikra. women Lycra pants are now popular for business leaders and dressy and casual occasions. It covers clothing useful for various outdoor activities and the great outdoors.

Availability and kinds of pants

Women’s lycra pants are available in various colors, patterns, sizes, and styles. They are my go-to, my friend, and my bosom partner.

This particular pair of lycra pants is so adaptable that you may dress it up or down, wear it to work, or even dress it down for a date or a party. You only need the proper type or fit to be in good shape.

Lycra provides different types of pants for women, such as straight pants, wide-leg pants, palazzos, and other types of pants. They also offer fabrics, such as cotton pants for summer wear, linen pants, and silk pants for party wear.

Styling tips of these trending pants

Nowadays, Red and Blue lycra pants are now most trending pants. People no longer choose black, basic slim jeans. They pursue color and many fashion trends. Crafting straight pants from breathable cotton, linen, and Muslin fabrics are great for pairing with kurtas, tunics, tops, t-shirts, and blouses.

The most popular alternative for bottom clothing today, straight lycra pants for women are available with both elasticated and hook-eye waistbands, providing the wearer versatility for combining with many types of top attire.

They make Kurti look more formal and put together. If you want a timeless option for everyday wear, a pair of straight-leg lycra pants in either red or blue would be a great choice. These colors go beautifully with all different types of kurtas, or you can wear a straight kurta with mix-and-match prints to accentuate the beauty of the prints. 

Straight pants are a must-have for ladies of all ages because of extra elements like pockets and decorations.

Comfort is must

Whether you are going outside running errands or lounging at home, these super comfy lycra pants will be the perfect piece to wear for both. These pants are made with a combination of cotton and spandex, which makes them more comfortable. 

Blue lycra pants have single side pockets and a tapered fit that will make you look smarter and slim. Red pants are also in trend nowadays and can be paired with innumerable tunics and kurtas.

These lycra pants are modified with a flat seam waistband at the front and an elasticated back to provide a comfortable fit. These white pants of lycra are made up of cotton fabric. 

Sikra lycra pants are the most comfortable, extremely stretchy, and soft pants. These Sikra straight pants are made up of a chalky shade of off-white and feature a slit of hem. The pants with slits are also highlighted by the wooden buttons for a formal look.

These Sikra pants look perfect not only with the long and short kurtas but also with the anarkalis. These lycra pants are made of cotton fabric and have pockets on both sides.

Some striped pants are also in trend, as they can be paired with tops, kurtas, and casual t-shirts. These striped pants are the perfect choice for dressing casually for the weekends and weekend getaways. These pants are crafted from a blend of cotton flax and are tailored with side pockets.

Sikra offers you the best lycra pants in the market, and you can also get a discount on your first order.